The Entrepreneurial Parent

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Running a business is hard. Running one while also raising a family is harder. In fact, it can be exhausting. You’re out there trying to get it done and do right by your family.

It is possible to do both well and still maintain your sanity. We want to show you how. This is the book we wish we’d had 20 years ago.

Join us as we:

* Bust through the myths surrounding entrepreneurship and work/life balance

* Walk you through the five phases of business life, teaching you how to cope with the phase you're in now, and set yourself up well for the next phase.

* Teach you strategies to help you deal with your biggest issues: guilt, stress, and lack of time

Chandra Clarke and Terence Johnson are award-winning entrepreneurs who built their basement start-up into a multi-million dollar company while raising four kids. After selling their original company, they’ve become serial entrepreneurs who want to share their hard-earned knowledge so that others can achieve their dreams.

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    14 pages
  • Buy now to get access to the epub version of this ebook.
  • Size431 KB
  • Length14 pages
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The Entrepreneurial Parent

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